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    What We Do

    What We Do

    Whether you are simply looking to replace an out-of-date lift with a modern, more economical model or need an entire shaft constructed with all the associated building works, we can deliver.

    We recognise each project is unique and will take the time to tailor our package to your exact specifications. From a simple install of a new lift into an existing shaft to installation of a building’s first lift, we can offer it all

    Our bespoke service will be different for each and every client, depending upon your requirements, type of lift, building works, budget and the optional addition of one of our comprehensive service plans. We work with most shaft sizes and can install lifts of all models and weight capacity from a wide range of suppliers.

    Our service to you will be swift, professional and clean. We can help you choose the perfect lift for your requirements and budget. Our installation package can include the safe removal and disposal of your old lift, if required, and we will always ensure any building works carried out are finished to a high standard.

    For advice about a quote please call Midland Lift Services.

    Benefits of Midland Lift Services

    Quick installation

    Removal of your old lift

    Our package can include removal and disposal of your old lift

    Tailored and expert design

    Our service is different for every customer, our team takes the time to understand your exact needs and requirements for your new lift.

    High standard

    All our work has quality in mind

    Benefits of Midland

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    Do you have questions or do you need advice? Contact us today! We can help you choose what is the perfect lift for your requirements and budget. We can answer all of your questions! What are you waiting for? Click the button below and it will redirect you to the Contact Form.

    Lift Modernisation

    Is your lift in need of a boost? We can make an outdated lift look and operate as new with one of our tailored refurbishment packages. Save yourself the time and inconvenience of having a new lift fitted and opt for refurbishment instead – it can be more economical.

    Service Contracts

    When your lift stops working it can be time-consuming, stressful and costly to repair. Sign up to one of our popular service plans, which offer unbeatable value, to safeguard your lift against inconvenient breakdowns. Our service plans offer unbeatable value.

    Breakdown & Repair

    Need help fast? We provide 24-hour a day cover, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our friendly, reliable and professional team of trained engineers aims to be with you within four hours of your call – and can usually fix the problem straight away.